Typography is everyone’s favorite toy in web design. For this there is always Photoshop with that you can create some nice fonts and insert text , but there is also CSS3 – a very nice style sheet language that can make the browsing experience and thus your website design aspect even better.  CSS3 properties allow for truly unique typographic effects that in the past would have required images and custom JavaScript. CSS3 stands for cascading style sheets and is a great way you can improve the accessibility of the content, provide an enhanced flexibility and control over web elements such as fonts, text and colors.

In today’s article we collected for you some useful CSS3 snippets that might make the difference in your projects. It’s about 10 great CSS3 text effects.

If you’re a fan of typographic design or just a curious web developer then you’re sure to enjoy these custom-built text manipulation snippets. Moreover, each of the following code snippets are completely free to use and customize for your own projects.

10 Amazing CSS3 text effect 

See the Pen SVG Stroke Text Effect by Michael Musgrove (@musgrove) on CodePen.dark

We start with a original text effect. Even though this is pretty complex, it is realized using only CSS, there is no JavaScript. It may be used for music related websites or to highlight a specific item from a website.

See the Pen animated SVG gradient for a fading text effect by vavik (@vavik96) on CodePen.dark

The second is a very discrete effect, but we think that it may add the “wow” effect into your layouts. The metallic look is wonderfully created and the appearing/disappearing moments emphasize it.

See the Pen Text animation by Yoann (@yoannhel) on CodePen.dark

This text effect substantially contributes to a higher interaction user-website.It reveals once again that CSS3 has a great potential and a talented web designer can create nice animations with just few lines of code.

See the Pen CSS Typography with Pseudo-elements by Stephen Greig (@stephengreig) on CodePen.dark

Here’s an interesting snippet that focuses on techniques found in traditional graphic design. Pseudo classes are used to manipulate the blockquote text and append CSS styles onto particular letters in the quote. Very cool style to spruce up a static webpage.

See the Pen The Leonardo logo recreated with CSS by Blake Johnson (@rblakejohnson) on CodePen.dark

Quite an interesting logo concept for pure typographic font manipulation. The outer letters are cut off at 45° using CSS borders. Blake Johnson did a good job.

See the Pen Text Effect by Noor AL-Hassan (@N00R_alhassan1) on CodePen.dark

Sometimes, playing with fire may be fun.

See the Pen Knockout Text in CSS by Crisman Noble (@crismanNoble) on CodePen.dark

This is one neat CSS style that forces a background image to show through letters on the page. I should note this effect will only work in Webkit browsers.

See the Pen CSS3 text-shadow effects by Jorge Epuñan (@juanbrujo) on CodePen.dark

This snippet offers 4 unique CSS styles for creating text shadows. You’ll find a “flat” long shadow, 3D shadow, inset shadow & retro thin line shadow.

See the Pen Circular text badge (no images) by Jack Armley (@jackarmley) on CodePen.dark

This entire page was created using no images or any JavaScript. The rounded text, circular badge, and textured BGs were all created with CSS3.

See the Pen In/out of focus text effect by Jonny Scholes (@jonnyscholes) on CodePen.dark

This text effect works as a magnet for the viewers. You may use it to improve the sign-up form, to emphasize a new product offered for sale or simply to attract the eyes of the viewers.

Hope to have inspired you some more today.