The new Gutenberg editor introduced in WordPress 5.0 is a new way to edit content through WordPress. The block based editing system is faster, efficient and has more scope for enhancements, and provides more data efficiency.

So even before the release of WordPress Gutenberg, multiple plugins have surfaced that enhances the Gutenberg editors features. Most of these plugins add more capabilities to the existing blocks, or add new, advanced blocks.

Some of them also let you manage the blocks and their default behavior and we are going to check through them in the list below.

Some of the plugins listed below are free, some are premium so make sure you check them all out as they all come with their pros and cons.

Stashio Blocks

A new brand but not a new player to the themes and plugins – ThemeStash released a Gutenberg plugin named Stashio which blew our mind as it comes with a lot of functionality and options on top of everything. Stashio bring the “oldschool” format for getting your content beautifully arranged with rows, columns background options and more. With 13+ elements to choose from, this is easily the best option here.

WooCommerce Product block Gutenberg addon

WooCommerce is one of the best plugins for integrating eCommerce features into your WordPress website. The new Gutenberg editor to let you create amazing content, with multimedia and text. Now what if you want to include a block with product details.

Stackable Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Stackable adds about 17 new blocks to the WordPress Gutenberg editor. These blocks help you design your pages more efficiently. This WordPress Gutenberg plugin add some enhancements to the existing blocks, or add some new blocks.

Gutenbeg Custom Fields Plugin

Do you wish to include a predefined format for the Gutenberg editor opened for a specific post type. You can go to the admin page of this Gutenberg custom fields plugin, and choose to add a new template.

You can choose the post type, and add the fields you want to set. Save it and the next time you try to add new post for that post type, the saved template will appear.

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

The Advanced Gutenberg block plugin is a little more than just some additional blocks. In fact, it is a bundle of some advanced Gutenberg block, plus, some essential management options. There are some beautiful, customizable and efficient Gutenberg blocks like post links, message box to show notice, warnings, info, etc. and many others.

In conclusion

Gutenberg is here, love it or hate it, but the amount of blocks and possibilities with it is growing now. While you might mock that it’s not powerful enough yet and that old school page builders have the edge over it, the amout of work developers are putting into this might change your opinion in a couple of years. Happy Gutenberg!