Recently we wrote a post about What is a WordPress child theme and why to use it and indeed this is necessary if you want to make some changes. In today’s post we will  show you the easiest way to create a Child Theme. While manually creating a child theme isn’t too much work, it can involve accessing your server using an FTP client, copying and renaming files. But sometimes, this might be too much effort or trouble. In these cases, using a plugin to create the child theme for you can be a time saving and more suitable option. Also it can be the easiest way because there are some plugins that do this with one click.

So if you like the idea of being able to quickly and simply create a new child theme in just a few steps, then these plugins could be just what you are looking for. We chose 3 best and free WordPress plugins to create child theme and we hope that they will save your time.

One-Click Child Theme

As the title says, this plugin will help you set up a child theme with only one click. It is a free WordPress plugin and  requires WordPress 3.0 or higher. One-Click Child Theme plugin adds a Theme option to any active theme allowing you to make a child theme. The procedure is very simple, go to appearance, find the theme you want to alter and choose the child theme option. It’s as simple as that.

From there you can begin to play around with the changes you want to see, then activate the version you like.


This free WordPress child theme plugin requires WordPress 3.9 or higher. With 80000+ active installs, this one is most popular WordPress child theme plugin. The plugin will automatically create your child theme in a single click. Every stylesheet will be indexed so you can go back at any time to look at the log of what you’ve done. T Moreover, Child Theme Configurator plugin shows you how each customization you make will look before you commit it to the child theme.

Try making a variety of child themes and go through and use the best one.

Child Theme Creator by Orbisius

This plugin allows you to quickly create child themes from any theme that you have currently installed on your site/blog. It also creates rtl.css if exists in the parent theme. With Child Theme Creator by Orbisius allows you can quickly edit theme files from Appearance > Orbisius Theme Editor (entry added by the same plugin). It features two editors and you can pick snippets from one theme and paste into another.

More than 20,000+ WordPress users are using this plugin to create a child theme from any theme that they have currently installed on your site/blog.