The plugins for WordPress can give your the ability to accept donations from members, sponsors, donors, fans or supporters via credit card, debit card and other. There are a lot of people who rely upon the generosity of their blog readers as the way to pay the upkeep costs of running their website. Also, there is a number of a non-profit organization who depends on their website created on WordPress to raise funds through donations. It is a great way to reward someone for their work.

The use of donation plugins is on the rise, by our estimation, so we have prepared a list of best donations plugins. Most of the plugins listed in this post include features such as: ability to create multiple campaigns, accept payment in different currencies, and thank you templates.

Give Donation Plugin

Give is an professional donation plugin for WordPress that’s designed specifically for charitable causes. Its authors are Matt Cromwell and Devin Walker, who are behind some of the most popular plugins available in the WordPress directory. Turns out, they’ve done a top-class job. Give is developed specifically to provide an intuitive, robust, and flexible solution to a user’s donation requirements. It markets itself as the most robust and flexible solution for accepting donations via WordPress.

Give provides thorough documentation to help you get started. The tool is made to be customized to meet your specific needs, and the developers provide a full support team to quickly answer any questions or problems you may have.

PayPal Donations

Paypal Donations has been downloaded 216,193 times, which makes it one of the most popular and widely used WordPress donation plugins, it helps the user to easily add a PayPal donation button in the sidebar widget or any other section of the site with the shortcode.

This plugin gives you the option to set currency, localization of the button, custom payment page style and the return page. As the name suggests, the plugin is specifically designed for accepting payments via Paypal, the most recognized online money transfer service. All donations end up straight in your PayPal account, making them nice and easy to process and withdraw from.

Smart Donations

Smart Donations is a fully-featured tool that provides a variety of donation options. You will be able to manage multiple fund-raising endeavors, set goals, and chart your progress easily. One thing to note is that this plugin’s design is less than appealing, so unless there’s a need for its main features, the aesthetics (or lack thereof) can be overlooked.

This WordPress donation plugin has four ways to display the donation form. The first one is by redirecting the user to the PayPal. The second one is a Text Box donation where users can fill in the amount and then click on the donate button. The third one is a Three buttons donation where a user can choose from three fixed charity values indicated in the donate buttons. The fourth one is a Slider donation where a user can slide a button to the left or right to adjust the charity amount.  The premium version of the plugin provides Form Donation. This enables you to create a custom form with customizable options such as text boxes, drop-down menus and checkboxes for the user.


Charitable is a one-of-a-kind donation plugin that gives users full control over their WordPress site’s donations. Charitable might be the plugin of choice for those with more advanced developer skills, as it offers full control over the fundraising and donations module. Charitable is well rated and intuitive, and boasts a mighty fast 5-minute setup time. You can collect offline donations and PayPal Standard with the free version, and add Stripe integration by adding a premium extension. A pro version of the plugin adds features like anonymous donations, peer-to-peer fundraising and user avatars.

Seamless Donations

Seamless Donations is another great donation plugin in this segment, that can help you raise money for your organization or business. It handles the donating process from start to finish, providing carefully considered basic options and useful additions to make your website shine.  The plugin has a number of useful features that might come in handy such as accepting payments anonymously, collecting recurring payments, invite users to join your email list, and track down donors. The plugin is incredibly easy to set up and you should be ready to go in as little as five minutes. It has an automatic repeating donation feature, so readers can easily provide support on a regular basis.



Donations should be an act of goodwill and trust. When you are convincing your visitors to pay for a service, cause or product voluntarily, you need the right tools to honor that trust. The above-mentioned donation plugins for WordPress provides you very easy and simple solution to accept the donation on your WordPress site. Anyway these WordPress donation plugins are diverse in their purpose, and you should find one that fits your needs.

The important thing to note is whether the features are necessary to get the donations you need without driving away potential donors. There’s also the important issue of payment methods. Some countries can not use PayPal, so you do run the chance of missing out on donations if you employ PayPal as your only payment gateway. Whichever you choose, the plugins should always serve your cause, and must give to donors a safe place to transact and to thank them for their generosity.