If you plan to review products on your WordPress site, using one of these WordPress review plugins can help you add stylish review summary boxes, collect user reviews, and more.

Better yet, all of these plugins will help you get Google Rich Snippets stars, which makes your reviews more eye-catching in Google’s organic search results. And that means more people reading your reviews! We live in a world where the more flashy you are the more are the chances for you to get visitors.

So below we gathered a list of plugins that you should take into consideration if you plan to run such a website.

WP Review

This plugin offers the possibility to add stylish review boxes to your posts and some comments for the summary. You can choose from three different types of reviews:

  • Star
  • Point
  • Percentage

Each one contains proper schema markup to get you those attention-grabbing Google rich snippets stars. And you also have full control over the different criteria you rate a product on, so you are well covered here. Of course, there is a premium version of this, but for most of us this plugin should be enough with the free version.

WP Product Review Lite

As you can already understand, this plugin has a free (Lite) version and a paid version. This plugin is more oriented for reviews of products where you can rate based on different criteria, list the pros and cons of some product or even send your visitors buy links of the product.

One thing that we like is the option to change the styling of it so it matches your website and that you can disable some options if you don’t want/need them.


With Reviewer you can create and manage reviews on your website. With just a few clicks the plugin is installed and you’ll have all you need to get started on writing reviews. It is not the fully powered system that you might need maybe, but a good option that you can review yourself.


Yet Another Stars Rating (YASR) is a new system review based on jquery plugin RateIT. With YASR you can make your own review or let your visitors vote, and you can even create multiple sets (a set of stars for each aspect to rate). Review scores or visitor ratings will be indexed by search engines through snippets.