Whether you’re a web or graphic designer, typography is an essential part of your work and a vital skill to master. Nowadays, web design is almost 95% of typography. Typography includes the use of modern CSS techniques and web fonts, which makes it easy for you to obtain complex things carried out in no time. Now the designers can create their own fonts and easily embed them just by pasting some special code snippets or using the existing pieces of CSS code. So embedding awesome typography has definitely never been as easy as it is today. In this post we’ve gathered together six tools, all new, that will ease working with fonts.


Size always matters especially when you are going to choose appropriate font’s size for your new design. PXtoEM calculates conversions based on your body font size, offers special calculator for your custom needs and delivers CSS file for the style you have chosen.


It is one more, yet awesome tool that helps you produce the basic styles of typography for your design. This tool comes with line size, margin & height along with a user interface that’s typically a simple slider. It is also capable of generating styles SCSS, inLESS & Stylus.

Flipping Typical

Flipping Typical is a very original tool that offers unique option to choose from different typography styles by looking at all of them at same time on one page. Just put the text in the box in a header and make a right choice.


It’s a tool accessible online, that helps to figure out the font size accurately. Furthermore, it also offers you with a simple, yet user-friendly GUI to include the font size base, font scale & family that you’re willing to utilize. These outcomes would also be visualized & you can work around with the scale & to get the precise value.


It helps you to test the textual styles on any website. If you want to test, you just have to visit the official site of TypeWonder and you have to enter the site URL to test the font of any specific site. This tool is the best for those who want to create a site with a font, but not sure about font name and other details.

If you want to build an awesome website, then we recommend to use these tools because these are real time savers and will ease your work.