If you are a developer then the text editor is a weapon and loyal ally, who will always accompany you to every coding endeavor, so you better ensure you are being as productive as possible. For most developers, the weapon of choice is none other than Sublime Text. It’s one of the most popular code editors available right now. Sublime Text is adored by many programmers for it’s speed, simplicity, and rich plugin ecosystem.

One reason for Sublime Text’s popularity is its large library of plugins. It can easily work with hundreds of different plugins via Python. Installation is as easy as placing the plugin in the packages directory. For these reasons, in today’s post we decided to make a list containing some of the best extensions for this awesome text editor.

Package Control

We cannot start off our list without mentioning Package Control.  Installing a Sublime Text plugin is by no means difficult, but it certainly is time-consuming. Package Control saves you the hard work by putting a Python pip-like package installer right inside Sublime. After you install it, you’ll be able to get packages right from Sublime Text. Forget about manually searching and installing stuff.


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Emmet is a plugin that enables faster HTML and CSS creation with the use of snippets. It uses abbreviations that expand to valid HTML tags.

Sublime Linter

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The sublime linter plugin helps in resolving the issue of errors throughout the program. They also assist in the removal of bugs from the entire program. SublimeLinter itself just acts as a base framework for linting, so you also need to install separate plugins for each language you code in.


Most developers use some type of version control. These days, Git seems to be the most popular.  This plugin helps in improving your workflow. Git plugin enables you to use Git commands directly from the Sublime text editor. Instead of switching to the terminal, use this plugin for essential Git commands, from creating new branches to pushing files, right from the text editor.


The hardest part working with Git is figuring out whether a specific line has been modified. This plugin provides right to your editor a live git status in your project. It can show three states:

1. Altering/editing lines with a square

2. Adding lines with a green cross

3. Removing lines with a red arrow



GitHubinator will let you highlight any line of code and automatically search for it on the remote Github or Bitbucket repo, without opening any new browser windows. You simply highlight the text you want to search for, right click to open the context menu, and launch the corresponding Github or Bitbucket web page in your default browser.


We hope this article helps you to ease your work in Sublime Text and save your time.