With the advent of code sharing platforms, there are free and easy ways to collaborate with others on developing code. Furthermore, you often don’t have to start from scratch as many fellow coders post their code for free so others can improve, reuse and develop it. Sharing platforms are helping the users to share their work . Such sites can be used also to share a function with your coder friend, or show a snippet for debugging to a colleague. In this article, we have chose 7 of the best code sharing websites that will be helpful.


Pasted.co is a code sharing website and pastebin with a rather unique offering of its own. For the most part, it functions like every other such site out there — you paste your code, secure it by means of password if you wish to, and then share the link. Moreover, Pasted.co shows advertisements on the page each time someone clicks your link to see the shared code. And, it shares a part of the advertisement revenue with you! Thus, once you sign up with Pasted.co and share your code using it, you also have the opportunity of making some extra money.

GitHub Gist

GitHub Gist is a very popular code sharing solution for developers. Famous for helping open source coders make use of enterprise level tools without burning a hole in their pockets, GitHub Gist lets you share code snippets and projects with your team. You can choose to have private or public projects. The best part about GitHub Gist is that other than sharing and collaboration, it aids in proper documentation as your team members can leave feedback and ratings on the code.


Besides HTML, CSS, JS Codepad supports various programming languages. C, C++, Python, PHP, Java, and a lot more in addition to the standard web development ones. Codepad lets you create public and private code projects as well as share your code with the community. Since there are not many multi-language code sharing websites out there, Codepad does manage to stand out.


Codeshare is a simple and no frills code sharing website that lets you work and share code in realtime. It does not require you to sign up. All you need to do is write or paste your code and share a link with your team members, giving them access to the said code. Codeshare also has video chat features for better collaboration. What you need to know is that after a period of two weeks, the shared code will disappear from the website. Owing to its simplicity, Codeshare is quite popular.


JsFiddle was and continues to be one of the first code sharing websites in its league. It is rather obvious and straightforward to use. You have four separate panels or sub-windows to work with. Each panel is dedicated to HTML, CSS and JavaScript respectively, with the fourth panel being reserved for output. JSFiddle comes with some very neat features of its own. It supports various JS libraries and also has the ability to auto save your code locally.


Etherpad is an open source code editor with collaborative code editing in real-time. This means you and your team members can code simultaneously and collaborate effectively. Etherpad facilitates collaboration by allowing you to interact via any of the available instances. The editor is open source and free to use and you can extend it by means of plugins.


Liveweave is an extremely feature rich and powerful code sharing and web development solution for CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. It comes loaded with numerous JS libraries as well as color palettes and other framework management tools. Liveweave has its own CSS code generator. Moreover, you can use it to generate dummy text as well for your projects.