Technologies are changing step by step particularly in the web world. One of these tools is animation. Whether it’s to smooth the website transition or emphasize product features, web animations serve to enhance the visual content on site. Websites that execute web animation correctly capitalize on the chance to further engage site visitors.

In today’s post  we have compiled a list of some of WordPress plugins to animate your web content.

Page Animations and Transitions 


Page animations and transition that is accessible for nothing to utilize. This free animation WordPress plugins has different movement and css3 move impact. It offer a selection of nine different “in” and “out” page transitions. You can also set duration times for transitions. Using this plugin your WordPress page will be load with effective animation styles

CSS3 Transitions



This plugin automatically adds CSS3 transitions to your website/blog and the WordPress admin. The transitions are added to any <a>, <li>, <img> and <input> that have a hover or focus state defined in your theme’s stylesheet. It’s an interesting choice for those who want a very quick solution.

Animate It!


Adding CSS3 movements to your site is simple with Animate It! Movements can be connected on client occasions like parchment, float and snap. The plugin combines the Animate.css and Animo.js libraries in one package containing over 50 animations. Animations can be applied on user events like scroll, hover and click.

Loading Page with Loading Screen


Loading Page with Loading Screen plugin performs a pre-loading of image on your website and displays a loading progress screen with percentage of completion. When everything is stacked, the screen vanishes. Permits to show the stacking screen on landing page just, or in all pages of site. Permits to show or evacuate the content demonstrating the stacking rate.

Ultimate Hover Effects


Ultimate hover effects is simple modern, yet stylish hover effects for image captions. Eye catching image effects with CSS3 transition for your website to improve your business.  You can without much of a stretch include float impacts utilizing a picture and install them in independent page post. It has huge amounts of movement impacts for showing substance while look down.

Parallax Scroll


Parallax Scroll is the easiest way to get a parallax scrolling background image for an element on your page/posts.  Make a header content with a parallax looking over foundation. Make a full area containing any substance with a parallax looking over foundation. Give single components of your pages a parallax looking over foundation.

WP Progress Bar


Use WP Progress Bar to add animated progress bars to your WordPress pages and posts. Bars are added via a Shortcode. Customize with options for text, colors, percentage (the amount at which the bar finishes its animation) and width.

We hope this article helped you to spice up your website with these 7 free animation plugins