Once regarded as just a blogging tool, WordPress has quickly become a fully fledged content management system (CMS) for professional web designers and agencies, used on millions of sites across the world. The platform is flexible, easy to use, extremely cost effective, and can be customised according to your every requirement.

Today, no longer just an easy content management system that people use for their blog, this open source blogging platform has turned into a powerful content management system that companies around the world are using for their website.  Actually, more than 60% of websites on the internet are built around a CMS solution.

In today’s article we’ve present nine popular websites that probably you didn’t know were built on WordPress.


Well-known as a news service, Reuters also offers opinion pieces via it’s series of blogs powered by WordPress.  Their pages are easy to read and enable visitors to quickly navigate to their subject or columnist of choice. Visitors are also offered the ability to get into the story by posting their own comments on articles.

Facebook NewsRoom

Facebook is the most popular social networking website, and still they use WordPress to showcase all the latest News through a WordPress website. This speaks volume about the usage of WordPress in the industry.


Mercedes-Benz loves WordPress, and if you are a car lover and is looking to open an e-commerce website to sell car accessories then you have finally got your choice as WordPress.

Sony Music

Sony Music operates a WordPress blog that helps their fans stay informed of what’s going on with their favorite recording artists. The simple blog highlights recent industry news and associated labels. A scrolling slider at the top highlights various artists and has links that take you to their websites or sites with more information about them.


Since its launch in the year 2005, Mashable is a name that has been synonymous with social media and technology, thanks to the highly interesting content that the blog shares with its 6 million social media followers. The fact that the blog receives 20 million unique visitors every month speaks of its popularity, and if a content heavy website like Mashable can get by with WordPress, you can too.


The women’s fashion magazine Vogue has a WordPress site that it uses to manage it’s content. It has vibrant and large images with very little text, utilizing white space effectively and loads extremely fast. They do an excellent job following the brand of their print magazine with it’s professional and sleek look.

The website is well-designed and can really immerse the women out there.


BBC America uses WordPress to keep television viewers regularly updated on their scheduled programming, as well as to give fans the opportunity to engage regularly with their favorite TV shows.


One of the most popular websites on technology, TechCrunch reviews the latest internet products and provides breaking news from the tech space. It is the biggest technology publisher in the world. The website also features startup profiles, and caters to close to 12 million unique visitors – making it an online hub for all tech enthusiasts. This blog is powered by WordPress.


Fortune is one of the leading business magazines that also host their content online through the Fortune.com website. The site runs on the WordPress platform and equates well to the expectation of the visitors.


Finally, WordPress is a grand palace — an amazing ecosystem, full of collaboration and awesomeness so it isn’t just for “blogging”. There are so many different things you can design and build with WordPress. It all boils down to your imagination.

PS: There are many more sites that you may not know that they are built on WordPress. Some of them you can find them here: Notable WordPress Users.