Do you want to show multiple authors for a post in WordPress? Many websites often have multiple authors working on the same article. For example, on news websites sometimes multiple journalists contribute to a single story. In that case you may want to give credit to all the authors who worked on the post. In this article, we will show you how to allow multiple authors to be associated with a post in WordPress.

Add user list for posts

For this you will need a plugin which would add this functionality for you. The plugin we are talking about is called Co-Authors. After installed and activated try to edit a post or page. On the post edit screen, you will notice the new “Authors” meta box just below the post editor. It could also be shown a bit lower, depending on your other settings.

By default, it will show the original author of the post. You can add additional authors by entering their name in the search box below.

The plugin will start showing users as you type. You need to select the user that you want to add as an author by clicking on it.

The selected author name will now appear below the original author name. You can continue adding more authors as needed. Once you are done, you can save or publish your post.

Show user list on the website

Unfortunately, the plugin does not automatically display multiple authors on your site. For that you’ll need to edit your theme files. If you haven’t done this before, then please see our guide on how to copy paste code in WordPress.

You’ll need to edit theme files with the code responsible for showing the author name for posts. This could be single.php, content.php, or a template tag in your theme’s functions.php file. See our tutorial on how to find which theme files to edit in WordPress.

You will be looking for the code with template tag the_author_posts_link() and you will need to replace it with the following code snippet. For more examples of template tags, please visit plugin’s website.

A thing you should keep in mind is the fact that each theme could have a different way of showing the authors on the website, so you might need additional coding skills to add this in the right area. In case you are using a premium theme, we’d recommend contacting the support staff over this.