WordPress has a powerful visual editor that allows you to come out any kind of web content easily, but there are certain things that it can not do. Creating tables is one of them. Anyway, you can also leverage the text editor and write down the CSS and HTML for creating the tables. But for most common webmasters who lack the related knowledge, this is not an easy way.

In this article, we will show you how to add tables in WordPress posts and pages. The advantage is that you don’t need to know any HTML or CSS to add tables in WordPress using this tutorial.

First thing you need to do is install and activate a plugin that offer this option. Now, there are a lot of WordPress table plugins you can use. This time, we highly recommend the TablePress plugin. Once activated, the plugin adds a TablePress menu item in your WordPress admin.

To create a new table click on Add New Table. Here, you firstly should enter the table name, along with the table description for the easier management and identification. After giving your table a name and description, choose the number of rows and columns you need.

Click Add Table button when you are done.

In the next page, you can move to the area of Table Content to enter the exact values for this table. By default, you can only enter the textual content, numbers, symbols and the characters into the table. Moreover, all rows and columns can be dragged and rearranged.

Once you have created the table, it is time to add this table into a post. In fact, this plugin allows you to embed and to display the tables in any of your posts, pages and even the text widgets using the custom shortcode. To find the related shortcode, you simply need to click the All Tables button, hover the mouse on the target table and click the Show Shortcode button.  Copy the shortcode and paste it in your post wherever you want to insert the table.

Another solution is to use the Visual Editor. When you open an existing post or create a new one, you will see the tables icon in your visual editor. Press Insert Shortcode button next to the table you want, and it will add a shortcode to your post.

That’s it. It is this easy to create and add tables in your WordPress posts. We hope this article helped to add tables in WordPress posts or pages.