Terms and conditions are a fundamental part of each website because they have great advantages both for users and administrators in terms of liability and security. With WooCommerce you can add an “I Agree with the terms and conditions” checkbox to the Checkout page that the customer must check to continue with the checkout process. Also this will clearly indicate that the content they are viewing is copyrighted material and will protect your rights. In today’s article we’ll show you how to do this.

How to add “Terms & Conditions” checkbox to the WooCommerce  checkout page

In order to add ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox to the Checkout page in WooCommerce website, please follow these steps:

First of all make sure you already have a “Terms and Conditions” page created.

1) Go To WooCommerce > Settings

2) Click on the “Checkout” tab

3) Scroll down to “Checkout Pages” and select your “Terms and Conditions” page.

That is all ! We hope that our article has helped you to add “Terms & Conditions” checkbox to the WooCommerce checkout page.