We previously shared with you a bunch of amazing CodePen demos that users created and that could be used or adapted to create some stunning effects on your website. Today, we are sharing with you some demos we found recently and we think are simply incredible.

Glowing Birds

This Canvas-based demo shows a flock of birds flying around with some amazing visuals and glowing effects. Drawing the birds, navigating their movement, and other animation effects are all done with JavaScript and the canvas.

Custom Image Hover Explode

This demo presents an impressive image hover technique. When you place your mouse cursor over the image, the particles near it explode, creating a flashy animation with eye-catching colors, smooth movement and detailed shapes.

Rainbow Star Wave

Rainbow Star Wave shows interesting and colorful waves moving and jumping around. It is made only with HTML and Sass-powered CSS keyframe animations. You can mess around with the code directly in the CodePen editor to get different shapes and animations.

Click me Button Animation

A simple, yet very cute animation for a glamour look to your buttons. Could be useful for some sliders or big elements which you have listed on your website.

React Card Swipe

A simple drag and drop effect for cards that works on touch devices as well. Cool for a cards drop element on your website.

Ordered List UI

Useful if you are looking to re-design your widget layout or you need a simple, yet beautiful looking ordered list.