Google has released a new app that will make even the most cack-handed artists appear accomplished. Originally launched as an experiment in artificial intelligence, AutoDraw works by trying to guess what you’re drawing and then offering alternatives for you to build on. This means that the app looks at the doodle, figures out what object you drew, and offers to replace it with a more professional version drawn by a real artist.


The web-based app is quick and easy to use. On loading AutoDraw in your web browser of choice you get what looks like a simplified art program. Simply start doodling and the AI’s best guesses will appear along the top of the window. As you start drawing on the screen, AutoDraw’s suggestion tool matches your doodle with pictures created by talented artists. Therein lies the beauty of AutoDraw , it can make most design ideas look like they were create by a pro. It works on your phone, computer, or tablet , without having to install any software and the most important it’s free !

By the way AutoDraw uses the same technology in Google’s other AI-based drawing tool, QuickDraw to guess what you’re trying to draw.

In conclusion this awesome tool is s useful for any quick art needs you may have, and it’s a ton of fun. AutoDraw can also be used as a regular canvas tool without the AI component, a lot like MS Paint but much sleeker.

You can try AutoDraw here.