CSS3 and HTML5 has been with us for awhile now, and the amount of customizability and effects you can produce with it is simply fantastic.  Today, we are sharing a beautiful CSS3 and HTML5 collection of animations and effect you should try on your website.

Hearthstone Style Card Hover

This is a simple, yet very nice card effect you can use. Hovering shows the full card details in a very stylish way. Below you have a CodePen where you can check out the code.


Add animated button

Working on an app where you need some tooltip-like button effects? The CodePen below will offer you the option to create simple, yet very impressive button with nice options.


Animated slider

A very nice image and text slider that you can use for your website. It’s quite simple, easy to implement and makes a great effect for your page. It can be used to showcase posts, products, portfolio which we think will have a huge impact for your website.


Micro Interaction Buttons

Need buttons that are more interactive and attract attention on something? These are very nice button for your CTAs so you make your website more interesting for your visitor. A great UX will surely make your website more and more interesting.


Animated morphing loading spinner

A simple, yet very nice animation effect. It adds a morphing element which changes colors and morphs to different shapes. A great additional to a playful website, if this is your website style.


That’s all for September

These are our top collected items for September. Do you think we should include anything else in this list? Let us know in the comments below.