It is that time of the year when we try to recap how and what we got new and interesting in the last 12 months. It has been a very fulfilling time, very interesting and technology evolved a lot. With it, the frameworks are now more and more which means that the web is using them more and more. Below, we gathered a list of frameworks that we thought are interesting and you should check out for 2017. So, let’s kick on!


Wrapper for indexedDB and WebSQL that improves the ability of web apps to store data locally for offline use. Writing and reading is done in a similar fashion to localStorage but many types of data can be saved instead of only strings. It also offers a dual API, which gives developers the choice to use either callbacks or promises. You can find more about it in our Make IndexedDB a Breeze With LocalForage article.


AOS is a CSS library that allows you to add on scroll animation effects. The library is highly customizable, very tiny, easy to use (install via CDN), and most importantly performs well, which can be an issue with other animate on scroll libraries.


MJML is a simple XML-like language that provides simple markup syntax with various stylized components that can be compiled to email-friendly HTML. This way we don’t have to manually code entire layouts out of tables and legacy in-line styles. It also offers a rich set of standardized components with various customization options. For more detailed information, you can check our Building Responsive Emails with MJML tutorial.

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 brings many changes and new features to the grid system we are all so familiar with from version 3. The new version of the framework brings forth a lot of great changes, including a flexbox-based grid system, new and restyled components, and faster ES6 JavaScript plugins. Another cool new feature is the auto-layout mode. It allows developers to leave out the size of columns, making them automatically distribute the space in that row.


Push is the fastest library for managing JavaScript desktop notifications. It is based on the powerful Notification API but also acts as a reliable cross-browser solution, falling back to older implementations if the user’s browser does not have support for the new API. For a closer look you can check our The Easiest Way To Show Browser Notifications tutorial.


A library that showcases modern mobile devices created with pure CSS. It includes some of the most popular mobile devices like iPhone 8, iPadPro, MacBook and Samsung Galaxy S8. The designs are elegant and high-quality and can be used for landing or screenshot pages.