One of the most popular text editors used for coding is Sublime Text. Sublime has many features that make coding fun, and with plugins, we can add many features to help with our app. One of the many cool features of Sublime Text is that it allows you to totally customize its appearance by adding your own theme to it. Another great thing about installing a theme to your text editor is that it can come with features and customizations that you wouldn’t normally get with an out of the box install of Sublime Text.

In this article you will find the best Sublime Text themes to use in 2017.

Boxy Theme


Boxy is set of easy customizable interface and syntax themes for Sublime Text  . Boxy Comes in, both, light and dark variations . boxy offers various of options to tune every visual aspect of your Sublime Text. Boxy comes with Five high quality themes and complimentary color schemes including:

  • Boxy Monokai ★ Predawn
  • Boxy Nova ★ Minimal
  • Boxy Solarized Dark ★ Code
  • Boxy Solarized Light ★ Iowa
  • Boxy Yesterday ★ Atom

Material Theme

 The matarial theme is well documented & brings the Material Design visual language to your Sublime Text. s. Material Theme comes with lots of options for customization. It’s easy to install and activate, and it comes with almost a dozen of color scheme options to apply to your editor.

This theme provides a visual configuration tool that allows you to configure the theme by activating the available options from an inline popup. Just right click in your editor and choose.Material Theme >Material Theme Config You can also open the configurator from the command palette by searching Material Theme > Configuration 


Agila is a colorful, popular text editor with a lot of cool features, one of which is the abundance of spacing between the folders in the file tree for optimum legibility and ease of use.

Agila comes with six  high-quality themes and complimentary color schemes including:

  1. Agila Origin Theme
  2. Agila Monokai Theme
  3. Agila Cobalt Theme
  4. Agila Classic Theme
  5. Agila Light Theme
  6. Agila Neon Theme


The Autumn theme offers a unique perspective on the file tree, adding stylized bullet points next to the file names instead of file icons, which is pretty unique among this list of themes.


Materialize is based upon the Material theme. Material theme Brings some of the most popular color schemes for Sublime Text.


Tech49 is a funky theme that adds a lighter color scheme to your Sublime Text text editor. Comes loaded with lots of ways to customize the way you right your code.

Updated September 1, 2017:

Wolf Theme

Wolf is a minimal dark Sublime Text  theme that attracts with beautiful colors and schemes for your code. It is very comprehensive and quite eye-friendly. Mostly based on blue and orange colors it uses a beautiful contrast to run your code in.


A more orange and green oriented theme for people who like dark screens when they code. We all them actually, don’t we?

El Capitan

A clean, white background Sublime Text for people loving the light background style. It uses styles from the El Capitan macOS system style, which is not that bad.

Arc Dark

A theme love dark background and dark tone lovers. Not really our favorite style, but users can been sending this theme to us lately. A good fit for you?


A blue oriented dark Sublime Text theme for them blue color lovers. This scheme is based on dark blue background and light blue/purple combination.