At some point, most of you will need to duplicate a page or post on your WordPress site for different reasons. There are number of reasons for you to clone a post or page. The most common scenario is you’ve formatted how your list posts should look like. It much easier to duplicate the page or post because it would be time consuming to format the post or page from scratch every time. Whenever you need a similar page just clone or duplicate that page, then use this post or page according to your needs.

In today’s article we will see how to duplicate a post or page in the easiest way.

How to duplicate a page or post 

Firstly you need to install and activate the Duplicate Post plugin. This plugin allows to clone a page or post, or edit it as a new draft. After you install it, two links will appear under your posts and pages: “Clone” and “New Draft”.

New draft: This will send you directly to the editing area, so you can quickly modify what you want; it basically speeds up things a little bit.

Clone: This just duplicates the page or post and adds it to the list, without sending you to the editing area. This is useful if you have several posts or pages that you want to duplicate.

Now just press “Clone” to duplicate the post. You’ll find your new duplicated post with the same title as draft.Now change the content or use it according to your need.

This plugin also comes with several interesting and useful settings (found in Settings -> Duplicate Post). In this screenshot, you can see all of its settings:

Moreover, you can choose what exactly you want to clone. You can do this in Permissions menu:


If for whatever reason you do not like this plugin, or you find it hard to use, we can recommend the other two plugins who are working as well.