For some WordPress widgets, themes or plugins you need to enter the category ID to filter posts based on categories. Since WordPress version 2.5 category IDs are not displayed anymore on the WordPress admin pages.  In this article we will show you how to find category  ID in WordPress.

How to find a WordPress Category ID

Finding a category ID in WordPress is very similar to finding a post ID. In your WordPress dashboard under Posts => Categories you can find an overview of your available categories. If there are no categories available yet, you have to create categories first. To find out the ID for specific categories you can simply hover with your mouse over the category name and in the status bar (usually lower left corner of your browser) you will now see a URL popping up.

Hover with your cursor over a category

This URL contains the ID of the particular category and appears behind the term tag (tag_ID=2). You can now use this ID number (which is 2 in our example) and make use of the ID within widgets or other features to display posts from this category.

What you see as “tag_ID” is the category ID

If you are using the Safari Browser, you might not have a status bar without installing a browser extension.  In that case, we have another solution for you. Go to Posts » Categories and click on the category name. WordPress will open the category in an editor, and you will be able to see the category ID in your browser’s address bar.

Find category ID in the address bar of your browser 

We hope this article helped you find category ID in WordPress.