You might have noticed that Facebook and Apple started a raid on bringing news and content to mobile devices in a more “native” way, making the loading time faster and ad spaces to be less intrusive. Instant Articles is an example of what Facebook will focus in the near future.

AMP  – the Instant Articles from Google

Google has now come up with a response – AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a project meaning that they are up for the challenge and fighting back. This is an open source HTML standard available for everyone, that uses the current available web technologies to create fast loading pages with stylish ads available inside them.

Google AMP Project Demo

The new framework is actually a stripped down version of HTML where CSS, JavaScript is used at the minimum and mostly replaced by custom elements that can be used if you need richer and more effects on the page. These additional elements are actually embeds from well known providers, images, video holders, carousels and lightbox features for your content. Everything is being done for the pursuit of speed and page rendering.

According to the AMP Tech Lead, this project is aimed to make the user focus on the content. Websites these days tend to be very heavy and take a lot of time to load, plus that new scripts and layout options are used making it harder to concentrate on the content. “The Web today is many things: An application platform, an e-commerce platform, a content platform, a gaming platform, and so much more. We decided to focus entirely on static content as it lends itself to more radical optimization approaches that are easier to apply across the board”, Google says.

If the service will be delivering a good layout for the reader, the AMP Project will be a success, as users are now looking for faster and more user friendly ways to interact with content, and Google will surely want to cash in on this, bringing the fight back to Apple and Facebook.