In order to add an image with a link in your sidebar (to create an advert or link to some social profiles maybe), we’ll need to use the text widget and some HTML. So, you need to go to your Appearance->Widgets tab and add a text widget. Inside it, you’ll need to use a HTML code similar to the one below:

<a href=”” target=”_blank“><img src=”http://the-url-of-your-image” /></a>

You have 3 things to change here:
1. – is the link you want your image to point to.
2. _blank  – This will make your linked image to open in a new tab. If you won’t want such a behavior and want to use the same tab – change this to _self
3. http://the-url-of-your-image before adding the code, you need to copy the url of your image. Upload it to your Media Library and get the URL from there.

Click the save button and you’re good to go!