Look, we know that this is a strange period and having everything closed and so many restriction – maybe it is time for you to move on and create a video subscription website to sell your online courses, classes, tutorials and more!

In this article I’ll share with you the process that I took to create one video memberships/subscription website with WordPress and a video theme called Invideo which is perfect for what we are trying to achieve here.

First of all – you would need to have a WordPress installation (which consists of a hosting, a domain name) ready so you can then start setting everything up. One thing that I liked about the ThemeStash store is that they do offer a hosted version of the theme and a theme installation service which saves you the waste of time to set up the domain, hosting, install the theme and set everything up. I do have experience with WordPress and servers so I did not need it but I find it very cool that people without that knowledge can actually get this set up very easy.

So, to start creating your own video membership and subcription website you need the server and domain (which we discussed about above) and an active WordPress installation. Once that is covered – make sure you purchase the Invideo Theme and install it on your server. The other thing you will need to achieve the Memberships and Subscriptions functionality is to get the WooCommerce Memberships and the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins. Subcriptions are not required if you want to have non-recurring payments which you can start with first, looking to create a 1 month access and a 1 year access plan for example.

Once you have those plugins available, make sure you install WooCommerce as well. You will need to create your first memberships products inside WooCommerce, so navigate to your WP Dashboard and find the Products tab. Create WooCommerce products for each memberships you want to have on the website, each with the details and pricing you want. Make sure you publish them!

After you have your products set up navigate to the WooCommerce->Memberships tab. Once accessed at the top you will find the Membership Plans tab where you can have the list of Membership plans you want to have on your website. If you are new here, it will be empty but you need add the new memberships here. Click on the Add new button to create your new membership and fill in the fields for the name and slug. Below, you will see Grant access upon option – click on the product purchase. I created a product called one-year access in the previous step and used it for my membership for a one-year access. Make sure you select the right Membership length from the option below as well.

A screenshot of how a membership will look like.

Once that is done, make sure you navigate to the Restrict Content tab. Choose the post type you want to hide, use Videos for this specific theme and click on the Publish button. You should get an alert telling you that all your content will be restricted. You can also choose to hide specific categories or specific posts or videos.

Repeat the same steps for any amount of memberships you want to have. If you want to go with a recurring subscriptions plan – when you create your WordPress products make sure you set the product as a subscription instead of a Simple product.

Once the steps above a done, you should have your videos restricted and viewable only by users who have a membership active. It was easy, wasn’t it?