We all want our website SEO to be at it’s best, and sometimes WordPress needs a bit of customizing when it comes to this part. WordPress URLs can be changed easily from the Permalinks tab of the Settings tab, but what is special here is that we need to make sure subcategories are also included there. Below we described how you can achieve that with ease.

WordPress comes with two built-in taxonomies to sort your content: categories and tags. Categories are typically used for more broader topics and can have subcategories. However, if you are using the default WordPress URL structure, then your categories and subcategories are not included in the post URLs. Let’s say you need to have a URL structure like this: http://shapeofweb.com/music/hip-hop/your-article-slug-here/. As you can see, there is a parent category and a child category there, both included in the URL part.

First, you need to visit Settings » Permalinks page in your WordPress admin. There you need to click on the “custom structure” option under common settings area like in the screenshot provided below:

WordPress Settings Dashboard

As you can see, you need to add specific permalink structure. Make sure you add the  /%category%/%postname%/ in the field next to custom structure.

After that, don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings. Voila, we’ve made it! It wasn’t that hard, wasn’t it?

In conclusion

Again, we see the power of WordPress right there. Being that customizable and easy to use means that most users can achieve the results they need without much of a problem. If you found this article interesting and useful – please share it for our friends!