Google just unveiled its new smartphone – Pixel 2 (5 inch). Besides this, the device has also a bigger brother – Pixel 2 XL (6 inch), which has the same capabilities as the first one. The gadgets come in 64 and 128 GB of storage. We are sure most of you are interested what is Google’s response to Apple and Samsung, which have presented their new flagships earlier this year. Well, let’s start, lets see what are the Pros and Cons about the new Pixel 2 phone.

Google has not put much effort into design, but has invested a lot to make this device very competitive when it comes to photos, video and artificial intelligence. As a result, you will not be impressed by the design, but what this phone can do when it has a powerful Google Assistant running on it.


Very Good Camera

Google claims this is the best camera in a smartphone. It has a certification from DXmmmm, which have Pixel 2 a 98 score – the highest until now.

Another important thing is that this device has only one camera in comparison to competition (Apple and Samsung, hello!), which have equiped their flagships with dual camera.   

Pixel 2 is able to do Optical Stabilization and Digital Stabilization in the same time. This is a great news for photographers and vloggers, because nobody wants a shaky video.

Nice sound from the Stereo Speakers on the front

The phone has big bezels on the top and the bottom, but instead – there are 2 stereo speakers with sound really impressive. Not just high volume, but also good quality sound.

It comes with a Google Home assistant

The phone’s Google assistant is connected with all manufacturer’s services and is responsing very fast to most of your questions, relating it to Google Search, Youtube, Google Maps, etc.

Ultra Fast Charge Capability

Sundar Pichai’s company claims a 15 minute charge is able to keep the phone running until 7 hours. This is and important feature especially when you are in a hurry and you need a fast charge before your next 2-3 hours trip.


10 minutes transfer from an iPhone

Google’s executive have been trolling Apple and iPhones in their presentation, saying that the new Pixel 2 has a feature that allows users to switch from an iPhone in just 10 minutes: It copies, photos, contacts and even your iMessages. Ha-ha 😀 A youtube video shows how to do that:


– Boring design, definetly not into the 2017 trends.

– Big bezels arround the screen.

– No wireless charge (as Samsung S8, iPhone 8 and other smartphones have)

– Touch ID on the back o the phone. Well, this is not a con, but we’d expect to have something more innovating from Google when comparing with other Chinese manufacturers.