WordPress has a really cool hidden feature that allows you to schedule your post. This is a very useful feature that many beginners don’t know about. This function allows you to stay ahead of yourself by finishing up articles in advance and have them ready. You can prepare for a busy week ahead of time and schedule articles to be published automatically.

To schedule a post for publication, click the edit link next to Publish Immediately. You’ll now see a drop-down option to select the month, date and year to publish the post, even the exact hour and minute.

  • In the Publish box, press the Edit button right next to the Publish immediately text.   
  • Choose and fill up a future date and time. Hit OK.                                               
  • The Publish button will change to say Schedule. Press it and you’re done.   

Sometimes, there is a need to publish such scheduled posts immediately. Once you schedule a post, the Publish button will say Schedule. There’s no button that allows us to publish immediately at the present moment. What we must do is change the date back to the current date and time or a past date/time.

Follow the steps above and you can now schedule and unschedule posts in WordPress.