There is a lot of information out there about website design and development. There are a lot of ideas, opinions, comments, and content. There is also a lot of noise and it can be difficult knowing where to find the best information to help you develop your craft.

In this article we take a look at the 10 best blogs and websites for web designers and developers.


Founded by Chris Coyier, this site originally covered CSS and now has a team of 11 that covers every aspect of web design and development. Their content includes articles, videos, code snippets, etc., and includes tutorials, news, general information, and more.

Smashing Magazine 

Founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz, this site produces articles, tutorials, and more for designers and developers. Topics include design, UX design, code, WordPress, mobile apps and design, graphics, etc. They cover software, concepts, news, etc., that includes CSS, Photoshop, eCommerce, plugins, themes, and lots more.


Dedignmodo is a design and web development blog. They provide design, web development, premium products, quality freebies. The blog is a great resource for both beginners and advanced designers looking to expand and improve their knowledge. The site is visited by companies and is used as a reference by many design and coding schools.


Paul Andrew launched this site in October 2007 as a personal freelance web design homepage. It’s now grown into a web design magazine. It has tons of tutorials, resources, time-saving techniques, and even inspirational art. Topics include web design and development, graphic design, mobile development, advertising, design styles and trends, tech news, and more. They even have an occasional Lego post.


This site comes from a team of web developers and designers based in Varna, Bulgaria. Articles include tips, tutorials, freebies, compilations, UI, UX, news, and experiments. The articles cover a lot of code development and include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, and PHP. They even have a free ebook on jQuery.


Onextrapixel is an online magazine and resource site for designers and web developers. It focuses on useful tips, news, tutorials, tools and resources, on design, development, and other inspirational topics.


It was founded in 2008, it is also a web development blog, and now there are 14 people running this site, aiming to help people build a better website. They publish articles covering all aspects of web design, UX design, graphic design, social media, blogging, marketing, programming, tutorials and more.

David Walsh

This is the blog of JavaScript and HTML5 Consultant David Walsh. It contains lots of articles and tutorials that primarily focus on front-end technology. Topics include code (CSS, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, etc.), using software, links to resources, themes, design concepts, demos, mobile, browsers, etc.


This website, created and maintained by Naeem Noor of Bahrain, is dedicated to web developers, designers, and coders. It provides a lot of tools, resources, code snippets, and tips. It includes a blog, CSS generators, CSS filter effects, CSS demos, responsive calculator, and videos. It discusses blogging, servers, UI design, WYSIWYG builders, icons, architectures, templates, browser extensions for developers, links to resources, and lots more.

CodeinWP Blog

This is the blog of the WordPress development team at CodeinWP. The primary focus is on WordPress. Categories include plugins, conferences, tips and tutorials for beginners, roundups, transparency, hosting, news, security, SEO, themes, and web design guides. The target audience ranges from the beginner to the advanced designer and developer, so there’s something here for everyone – including writers and entrepreneurs.