Browser extensions have become a very important part of our workflow, and they make us more and more productive. Today, you can find an Extension for almost anything you need, even if you’re looking for some sizes, colors, inspect some code or get some screenshots.

Below we have gathered a list of Google Chrome extensions you should check out if are a web designer or developer, will surely help you with your workflow.

Awesome screenshot

If you are working with clients, a very handy tool for recording and sharing screenshots, this is a life saver. You can do screenshots of some screen areas, the entire visible area of the screen or even entire page screenshots. The best part about it is that you can annotate and write over the screenshots. Really helpful stuff here.

Page Ruler

Page Ruler adds a ruler to any page you have open, that way you can see the width, height, and position of the different elements.  You can even outline elements on the page with Element Mode or get the proportions of some components on the page.

Resolution Test

This simple extenstion lets you test your webpage in different resolutions, as you can understand directly from the name. The catch is that you can either choose from pre-done options, or create your own. Think about how handy that one will come in when those new devices drop, now that most browsers let you create custom sizes.

Eye Dropper

Just like it says on the tin: It’s an eye dropper tool for Chrome, so that you can pull colors from webpages just like you can pull colors in Photoshop or any other program, or simply called – a color picker. You can then create a personal color history, and grab hex codes.


Ever wanted to know what is the font that was used for something on the website? Well, this extension lets you identify what font is on the page. Easy, right? Absolutely. No more code inspecting.

Surely, there are tons of more interesting and helpful extensions out there. If you feel we missed something out, please leave your suggestions in the comment area below. It would be very interesting to see what you folks are using.