The number of food blogs in the last period has grown quite a bit, and our team decided it’s time to create a top of best recipe plugins out there that could help you get the best results and layouts for your content. While this could not be the easiest thing to do, we tested quite a few of them and here is what we found:

  1. WP Recipe Card by ThemeStash
    he easiest plugin to use as it is fully compatible with the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor and integrates seamlessly. The Google Rich Snippets compatibility as it uses automatic JSON-LD metadata plus you can be sure your recipes will look great on all devices. You are getting the live view editing, the checkboxes for the ingredients and for the steps. What we loved about it is that you have all the things needed by a recipe blog and that you can easily add any block you love in the steps area, including galleries, videos and other Gutenberg Blocks from other plugins.

  2. Cooked – Recipe Plugin
    Another great product, but for more complex websites. While it can get you additional functionality you will need to see if you need it all. It also comes with a community feature, so your users can interact and leave feedback and reviews regarding your recipes. The plugin is best suited for websites that have hundreds of different recipes and are looking for a more effective way to categorize and highlight those recipes.

  3. WP Ultimate Recipe
    Again, a very interesting plugin but more complex and a bit more complicated to use. What we loved about it was the fact that you can customize the number of servings so you can automatically see the amount of things you need to be used in the recipe for more or less persons. While we loved the functionality, the plugins lacks the attractive design we were looking.

  4. WP Recipe Maker
    Thisis the easy recipe plugin that everyone can use. An easy workflow allows you to add recipes to any post or page with automatic JSON-LD metadata for your recipes. A nice plugin, but a bit old-fashioned for today.

  5. Zip Recipes
    You’ll not have to mess with any custom post types. Simply create a recipe right inside a post, and add images using Media Library. The plugin has a limited number of templates and a few styling options. If you wish, though, you can customize it with CSS.

In conclusion

It depends on a lot on your preferences as most of these plugins are very different from each other. If you want simplicity and ease of use, we would recommend going for the WP Recipe Card by ThemeStash. It impressed us as it worked perfectly without the need of multiple clicks, addons, just using the simple text and content as this is what actually users want.