JavaScript has long established its dominance on the web. Even though it is not yet the most popular language for web development, it is gaining favor with each passing day, it’s becoming more native, but most importantly — it’s becoming more stable.  One reason is that JavaScript  is backed by the presence of several useful free JavaScript libraries and plugins to work flexibly.

These free JS plugins, libraries, and effects can be used extensively by the web developers to add in their projects. These useful components can also be used for creating menu animations, typography effects, sliders, preloaders, modal windows effects, content filters, and more.

In this article, we take a look at 7 of the best and free JavaScript libraries and plugins.



React has earned a reputation for being the ultimate JavaScript library for designing user interfaces and can not be missed out in a roundup of free JavaScript libraries.  React is an open-source platform, backed by Facebook, it is a great platform for UI development and design and thus plays a big role in the complex projects.

Since React is rather popular for UI development and design, it is often used in assonance with other JavaScript libraries in complex projects. For example, you can use React to power the frontend and UI of your app and simultaneously use Node.js to manage the server-side administration of the same app.


Underscore.js is a perfect choice if you need a library that does not dictate terms and you are comfortable working with built-in JS objects. This efficient library does not fiddle with the default JS functionality and also does not extend any built-in functions. It means that the native JavaScript methods and objects are kept as they are by only putting some extra spice with extended specializations and helpers to work with


As the name suggests, Clipboard.js lets you copy content to clipboard without any dependencies. This means your app can copy data to clipboard without relying on Flash or anything else. Clipboard.js is an modern approach that works seamlessly across all popular web browsers and consumes about of 3 KB after being zipped.



AngularJS, or simply Angular, has long been the dominant name in the world of free JavaScript libraries. Backed by Google, it is a reputed name in the web development industry.  It is a modular framework, so if you are building a complex web application that requires easy backend to frontend communication, AngularJS might be a suitable option for you.

AngularJS is widely extensible that suits it well to be used with other libraries. Moreover, apart from Google itself, Angular is also used by the likes of PayPal Checkout and iTunes Connect.



Ember is a modern web development framework for the ambitiously-oriented developers. It is an important JavaScript library that acts as a web app framework and does the toughest task of decision making to allow undivided focus on code only.

Ember comes with its own templating engine and it updates automatically when data structures change and it works well with the REST API applications. Ember is popular because it can save time by allowing you to code quick and swift; but it is not as flexible as other free JavaScript libraries.


Lettering.js is a JavaScript plugin for web typography. The style and appearance of each letter visible on the page can be efficiently managed by you. It is very popular when it comes to free JavaScript libraries for text management and animations.  Also it requires jQuery to work with, so be sure that you have it set up before trying your hand at Lettering.js


three.js is a 3D library for JavaScript. It lets you create 3D visualizations as well as render 3D to HTML5, SVG and WebGL. It is a minimal library that shower best results for the 3D concepts. Also, most of the 3D visualizations use game engines to do your work, where visualization has nothing to do with gaming. three.js works for directly putting 3D visualizations in a simple manner.