Last year we created the 2017 top of the best Sublime Text 3 Themes and Schemes which developers can use for their development and code editing. This year we’ve taken our time to make sure we inspect the best ones on the market and came down with a list of the best themes and color schemes. So, let’s get straight to it:

  1. Predawn

    This is dark interface and syntax theme for Sublime Text. See Predawn on Package Control Website

  2. Boxy

    This is also a dark theme setup, for people who love to go dark. It comes with pale colors so things don’t get too colorful.

  3. Wolf-theme

    A more colorful option for your favorite text editor setup. When it comes to cool looking schemes, Wolf it surely one of the best options.

  4. Agila

    Another beautiful dark scheme for Sublime Text, but coming with more sub-theme options for light, semi-light and darker colors. Definitely something you should check out.

  5. Ayu

    This is more a set of themes instead of one, coming with the Dark, Mirage and Light options available. Currently, one of our favorite.

  6. COBALT 2

    Looking for something more vibrant and colorful? Well, this color scheme is definitely for your taste. Check it out and let us know if you enjoyed it.

One more thing

Not sure you if already have it, but a thing that we thought would be interesting for you is Color Sublime Plugin. Color Sublime is a plugin that enables the installation of color schemes to your editor. These color schemes change the syntax highlighting. What’s great about this is you can cycle through a list of schemes, rather than having to install each one and see if you like it. That is great.

In conclusion

Not much has changed from the last year, with most of the last year’s themes coming to this year’s top as well. We would hope to find something interesting to share with you soon, so if you have some suggestions please share them in the comments section. Happy coding!