Whether you lack a tool, or simply need one that does a better and faster job, this article is for you. This might even help to complete that project of yours in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. We are here to help and show you the latest tools used by designers for doing their job fast and better.

Here is a collection of our favorite tools and resources that can help you finish your started projects or maybe new ones that you’ve been delaying for lack or resources. You will have a host of clients asking for more help as a result. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at delivering projects, these tools and resources were created with you in mind.


This service will satisfy all your prototyping needs. Whether you need a series of low-fidelity prototypes to get the feedback needed to solidify the direction your design is heading, or you need an ultra-high-fidelity prototype to test drive your final design, Proto.io will get the job done.

You don’t need any special design or coding skills to use Proto.io. In fact, you won’t need to do any coding at all; and using Proto.io doesn’t require prototyping experience either. You can prototype, design, test, and collaborate with others; all from a single platform.

Proto.io’s Dashboard assists with version control and collaboration. The Editor makes creating your design and building prototypes a snap. With the Player, you can review where you’re at on your browser, share your design with others, and conduct tests on a PC or on mobile devices.

Proto.io is used by web design and development teams, individual entrepreneurs, and project managers. It can also be used by a client to provide a model of the client’s requirements.


Webflow gives you the means to design and develop everything from prototypes to production-ready websites the easy way – visually, and without any need for coding. You no longer need to hand a project over to a developer to integrate complex interactions or animations into your product. But if you do work with developers, you’ll discover that Webflow provides a simple but powerful tool for handoffs.

Webflow provides the tools you need to do everything yourself, while significantly accelerating the design/development process.


WhatFontis is another valuable resource to have at your fingertips. It’s not all that uncommon to come across a font that you’d dearly love to use in one of your designs. The problem is, you don’t know its name – which can make it difficult to find and download for your own purposes.

Simply submit a sample to WhatFontis, and you will either be given its name, or a small selection of very close matches.


This is probably the most popular tool of them all. InVision is a prototyping tool created for designers, by designers. It allows you to quickly and easily create interactive mockups for your designs. When you’re ready, you can share these mockups with your team or clients. It makes presenting your designs a breeze, and is much more effective than sending out a .PDF or screen shots. You can discuss the mockups right inside the app by leaving comments, that are connected to a point on the screen that you are discussing. More recently, InVision released a new feature: Live Share. Live Share allows you to collaborate in real-time using an in-browser screen share. Each collaborator gets their own mouse, so you can easily point and see what someone is talking about. You can also sketch, and chat right inside the Live Share interface.


Figma entered the space with the vision to ease the sharing and collaboration aspects of the design process; and has come up with a browser based design solution, where you longer need to worry about the platforms supported. Your entire team, along with the client, can actually stay on the same page and can discuss the design anytime, anywhere.

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