On days when things don’t seem to go as you’d like them to and inspiration is at its lowest, it’s good to take a short break and go outside to try and empty your mind.  In today’s post we have prepared more illustrations that will feed your creativity tank with extra vitamins to make sure those inspiration levels are up and running at its best.

If I Was Small

PC:Jack Hudson 

Lone Tree Of Lake Wanaka

Sometimes you don’t need much to get a great picture.

PC:Paddy Donnelly 

Beverly Hills Hotel: Gucci

Nice style! The eyes with glasses are such stunne

PC:Bijou Karman


One entry of ten finalists that capture the theme of “through young eyes” in this young photographers’ competition that aims to engage youth around the world in wildlife conservation.

PC:Gàbor Li 

For “Le Monde”

Superb highlights and shadows.

PC:Tom Haugomat 

Lápiz Grafito

The colors are so harmonious and pleasing, and the drawing is just magnificent.

PC:Alejandro García Restrepo 

Feel The Night

With the atmosphere in this illustration you just feel the night.

PC:Sebastien Plassard 

White Aurora

What an amazing display of white Northern Lights or white aurora curtain. Seen somewhere over Finland.

PC:This is Finland 

Life Is Beautiful

With a view like this I would totally think so. Taken in Belvedere, Tuscany.

PC:Gürkan Gündoğdu